Strategic Planning

We help our customers ensure they have the right strategy. Do you? The question you need to ask yourself is "do the tactics roll up to the results". We build the connective tissue from the work to the EBITDA.

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Process of Strategic Planning

Every successful business that scales, eventually gets into a process or rythym that fosters creativity, focus and efficiency. That is what Velocity helps our clients achieve.



We help you get out of the weeds of executing and focus on the big picture. When was the last time you stepped back and dreamed, thought bigger, believed more? Can you communicate it to your team effectively? We can help you do both.

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organisational design

Organizational Design

The best leaders often have empathetic blind spots for people on their team, because they truly love them. The reality is, high performance companies align elite talent and skills to the highly specialized work that needs done.

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SWOT and competitive analysis

SWOT and Competitive Analysis

Markets change, competitors are constantly presenting themselves in your industry. We help you assess and document what your true strengths are in the market and align to a winning strategy that will take advantage of it.

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forecasting and modeling

Forecasting and Modeling

If you're not constantly achieving your goals, it's time to step back and model your strategy. Our team of experts can give you real modeling to help you pressure test your strategy vs. your P&L.

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plan development

Plan Development

Once we have a model that makes sense. We ask the tough questions. What is the right strategy that will ensure we achieve our results. How do we find hidden value in innovation, customer acquisition or activation.

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Some of our clients take our plan and run. Some bring us in to help them execute for a season and some use us to design and augment their team completely. We fit your desired model.

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when everything above is done well, Velocity growth is achieved. Velocity is when you have predictable growth that maps to your forecast and a great culture. It's fun to be able to predict victory and consistently achieve it. That is what we do.

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